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iCareerManager is an online, interactive, job search and career planning resource which enhances and complements VF Career Management’s one-on-one, client-centred services.

Through a collaborative process, this interactive web-based training, combined with individual coaching, allows the individual and VFCM consultant to ensure the most effective delivery of the career transition service.

As a standard component in all our career transition services, iCareerManager provides:

  • Abundant information on job search and career planning
  • Flexibility and options for independent learners and workers
  • Enhanced service delivery for clients in remote locations
  • 24-hour access to VFCM's services and job search information
  • Easy communication between the client and their VFCM consultant
  • An innovative and easy-to-use tool for individuals in career transition

iCareerManager Services

Job Boards

  • In addition to our customizable job board, iCM offers employees access to links to over 40 job search engines

Recruiter Lists

  • iCM offers a list of top recruiters

Seminar Calendar and Registration

  • Employees have VFCM workshops and seminars up to two-months in advance and are instantly able to register with the click of a button

Self-assessment Exercises

iCM has five online self-directed assessments:

  1. Career Preference – This assessment enables individuals to determine their career and professional development preferences. They will:
    • Examine their career
    • Identify the work that makes them want to get up in the morning
    • Identify the job that is right for them
  2. CenterMark™ (MBTI Personality Assessment) – Consists of sixty (60) questions in the form of incomplete sentences. The results give individuals important insights into their behavior, and helps them better understand themselves, their motivations, strengths, and potential areas for growth.
  3. MatchPoint (Interest Inventory) – Most people can be categorized as one of 6 types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, or Conventional. A person learns to prefer some activities as opposed to others. These activities become strong interests, leading to a special group of competencies. The objective of this assessment is to help clients focus their interests in a career direction.
  4. ValueBase – People often sense a good fit when their values are amiable with an organization’s collective values. An individual is most comfortable when there is a match among what is expected of them, what they do, their values, and the values of those around them. The purpose of the ValueBase assessment is to:
    • help individuals clarify their values so they can make career decisions that are consistent with who they really are and their own priorities
    • help them discover how behaviors and actions impact their constituents and determine what actions can be taken to assure a stronger value fit.
  5. Working Styles – An individuals’ manager, co-workers, customers, vendors, and others they interact with in their work-life fall into two general categories: ones who think and behave similarly to them, and ones who don’t. The objective of this assessment is to help individuals understand their working style, to understand the work style of those around them and to help them bridge the gap between their working styles and others’.

Contact Manager

  • Individuals can easily and securely manage their contacts

Industry Research Tools

  • Hoovers offers a deep and comprehensive collection of data about companies and industry. Individuals can use it to find out more about a potential target employer or as a starting point in their search

Interview Stream

  • Premier video interviewing technology, which helps individuals prepare for job interviews by creating a no-pressure environment to practice and review their skills, and receive feedback

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