Our Commitment

We are Canada’s premier career management experts, with talent and expertise from coast to coast.

We support and consult in each and every area of career management.  From helping senior management identify and develop key internal talent, to guiding selected individuals in growing their leadership skills, to managing group and individual downsizing / restructuring / change projects that help meet company goals and objectives. We commit to enabling the success of your business.

We are a group of career experts, certified human resource professionals, business executives, psychologists, counselors and career/executive coaches.  We support and guide company management through various HR challenges, issues and concerns it faces.

We effectively use technology in each of our professional practices, and numerous on line tools complement and accelerate service. It does not, however, replace consultant expertise, accessibility and one-on-one support which we proudly believe in and provide.

Each consulting engagement is different and unique and requires a customized approach.  We take pride in our profession and in working with a high touch, proactive approach.

Let us help your company and your employees.  Thank you for your trust.

VF Career Management is committed to quick response time, providing expert advice and seamless service, with a customized style of delivery by superior, quality consultants.