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Career Transition & Outplacement

Job loss hits hard for most people, whether they expect it, welcome it or dread it.  It is a reality many do not want, and it can be very difficult to cope with, no matter the age or the experience.

Employers and employees need more than just technical advice and guidance, they deserve a good deal of empathy, care, and moral support.

For Human Resources and Company Executives

Planning employee departures is both administratively and emotionally difficult.  Timing, ensuring everyone is on message and in the right place, is essential for a smooth job termination process.  We take some of that added pressure away by offering key advice to the employer, assuring an error and incident free job termination process.  We work with senior management to manage downsizing and provide in office, on-site support to departing employees, ensuring the employee understands what has happened, is treated with dignity and consideration, and rapidly begins the transition process.

For Departing Employees

Face-to-face, high touch, personal service is what you can expect from us. Paired with a highly trained and specialized career coach, we are committed to ensuring that the structured process we offer, is customized to meet specific needs.

Coaching, resume and cover letter development, job search strategies, self marketing, compensation negotiation, workshops, financial planning assistance, psychometric testing, online search strategies and career management tools. We take pride in working with you, in person, and helping you define or create solutions that are best for you.

We are at your service - not the other way around. Sure, we have downtown meeting places, but many clients prefer to meet us in their space, in a location that is more convenient or closer to home.  We gladly respect your choice, while ensuring an environment of confidentiality.


Employees are an organization’s most valuable asset, housing knowledge, capabilities, ideas and personal motivations.  Best of class employers all know how to successfully optimize internal talent and potential.

Coaching helps develop strong leaders and key contributors.  For employers, it helps meet company targets and realize employee potential for promotions, succession planning and future recruitment.  For employees, coaching helps link their organization’s vision and goals with their individual career, helping generate more focused and meaningful contributions.  It’s a win-win for all involved.

In coaching, expectations and objectives must be clear and chemistry and fit are crucial. Our coaches hold diverse backgrounds and experiences and come from various types of industries. We help you choose the coach who will best meet your needs and with whom you will work with confidence.

Talent Management

Leading and managing people is a challenging responsibility: selecting the right individuals, providing proper alignment and feedback, handling conflict and tense relationships, stretching employee potential, introducing change, building succession, etc…

To be successful at managing and developing talent, one must act with clarity and sensitivity and devote the necessary time to addressing key HR issues. Good leaders are conscious of this and work constantly at improving their relational skills and their ability to deal effectively with people.

At times, they need external guidance, either to validate their views and intuition on a given situation or person, or to be accompanied by an experienced expert or facilitator.

Our consultants can help you with any facet of talent management, such as managerial assessment, team-synergy, leadership development, change management, succession planning, assisting you on specific initiatives and processes.

VF Career Management is committed to quick response time, providing expert advice and seamless service, with a customized style of delivery by superior, quality consultants.